About RD 2140

Reclamation District 2140 (RD 2140), formed in 2005, is the non-federal sponsor of the new Hamilton City Levee. RD 2140 paid a portion of construction costs and is now responsible to own, operate and maintain the new levee. Operations and maintenance includes levee inspections, debris removal, rodent control, levee patrols, levee road resurfacing, erosion control, vegetation management, drainage and embankment repair.

The current RD 2140 Board of Trustees:

  • LeeAnn Grigsby-Puente, President
  • Walt Stile, Trustee
  • Gee Singh, Trustee

RD 2140’S Role as Sponsor for Levee Operations and Maintenance

As the required, non-Federal sponsor, RD 2140 funds the yearly cost to own, operate, and maintain the new Hamilton City Levee. In 2016, Hamilton City property owners supported a ballot measure to add a fee to annual property taxes to fund the Reclamation District. All property owners in and around Hamilton City who benefit from the new levee are responsible for contributing to the funding necessary to operate and maintain the levee.