Hamilton City Set-Back Levee

The Hamilton City Flood Risk Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project is the first multi-benefit project designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the United States with the dual goals of improving flood protection for Hamilton City and improving environmental conditions of the Sacramento River. The Project was designed to:

  1. construct a new 6.8-mile set-back levee, and 
  2. restore 1,361 acres of native riparian habitat. 
Levee Construction Phase 1: Construction began in Spring 2016 on the portion of the new setback levee that extends from the southern side of Dunning Slough progressing three miles to the south. Phase I construction was completed in Summer 2017.
Habitat Restoration Phase 1: 925 acres of riparian habitat were restored between 2017 and 2019
Levee Construction Phase 2A: The northern most section of setback levee was completed in Fall 2018. This section provides the greatest flood protection to Hamilton City.
Levee Construction Phase 2B: This phase was constructed along the southern boundary of Dunning Slough and the Hamilton City sewage treatment ponds, and on the south side of Highway 32. The final section of the setback levee was constructed in summer/fall 2021 completing the flood protection portion of the project.
Habitat Restoration Phase 2A & 3: The final approximate 400 acres of habitat restoration will be implemented in the areas associated with the Phase 2A and 3 levee construction and is planned to begin in 2022 or 2023. All restoration/re-vegetation is subject to a three-year establishment period, once initially installed.